The desire for craft, tradition and the quality of the past.


Chefs are working with ‘beautiful’ products and, as a consequence, we’re suddenly eating‘forgotten’vegetables. Special beers from local breweries with a back story are popping up all over the place.
We want to see and understand how something is made. The comeback of the barber, where you can get a traditional haircut and shave, also shows that penchant for quality and a respect for people who know their trade.
Because of this belief, we only make our Lacq products with proven, high-quality ingredients. Top quality oils, resins and waxes form the basis and are combined with traditional expertise. You can compare the process with making soup: the right ingredients, temperature, when to stir and how much seasoning to add ultimately determines the flavour, or, in our case, the quality.
The combination of oils and natural resins means that our coatings stay flexible for as long as possible, so that the wood can flex throughout the seasons. This is the big difference with many ‘modern’ products that dry out and become hard too quickly, so that the protective layer on flexing wood gets damaged sooner.

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